2 Common Link Building Mistakes to Avoid


Link building is a ‘must-do’ for getting higher ranks on the search engine result pages. And for this, all businesses are trying to build as many links as possible. But building wrong types of links or building them too quickly can trigger an over optimization penalty by the popular search engines. It is because, search engines value only the ‘natural’ links. So, you should be very careful while building backlinks for SEO.

We, at the Get Website Traffic, a popular SEO agency Sydney, offer an industry standard performance with respect to attaining higher search engines rankings, and in turn, will boost your business growth. Here, we put together a few link building mistakes to avoid when building backlinks.

  1. Buying links

Don’t ever try to buy links from other sites in order to get backlinks. The search engines can ban your website for doing so. Search engines only value the natural links. Google made it very clear that buying or selling links should be avoided. Instead of buying links, focus on creating high-quality guests posts and publish these on popular sites and get backlinks from there.

  1. Ignoring no follow links

Though no follow links don’t play an important role in SEO, but that does not mean that these links are completely useless. A link on a high traffic website helps to bring more visitors to your site that is the goal of SEO. If the links are relevant, people will spend a fair amount of time on the site, so search engines will raise your estimate of the authority of your website that will help your SEO in the long run. While followed links are valuable in pure SEO terms, a no followed link on a high traffic site can bring your more customers as well as benefits than a followed one. When you ignore no follow links, you will not be benefited with these. So, never ever ignore the no follow links.

So, avoid these mistakes while building links. And to build links with the SEO specialist Sydney, and to learn more about our services, call us now.  

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