2 Major PPC Mistakes That You Should Avoid


Pay per Click is a model of internet marketing that is used to draw more customers to your website. It is a straightforward program for online advertising that has no hidden complexities. If you are  new to this, there is a possibility that you will keep wondering from where to begin. Don’t worry. A little practice will help you to get the desired result.

Here we, at the Get Website Traffic, an Australian SEO company, put together some PPC mistakes that you should avoid.

  1. Using wrong URLs

When you design a PPC campaign for a product, you have to use the page URL of that product so that the keyword is searched and the users are redirected to that page. However, if by mistake, you use an URL of another product or the home page, then the users will not be redirected to the desired page, and they have to search the right one that most of the users don’t prefer. And as a result, the purpose of the campaign will not be satisfied. So, you should be careful when using the page URL and make sure that you have used the right one.

  1. Forget to test the ad

Another mistake that people make when arranging a PPC campaign is not testing the ad. Without testing, you are not able to understand whether there is any mistake in the ad. A wrong ad will fail to satisfy your users and as a result, your website will not get the desired traffic, and all you have done will be gone in vain.

So, you should avoid these mistakes when designing an SEO campaign. And if you need help to make a PPC campaign, then resort to the best SEO company Sydney, like us, at the Get Website Traffic.

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