2 Ways to Use Keywords in Your Landing Page


The aim of creating landing pages is to optimize them for the keywords that people are looking for. In terms of efficiency, it is better to pick a few different keywords for each page, especially when the words or phrases are common. However, you should make sure that you don’t overdo it. Falling into the black-hat tactic of keyword stuffing can hamper your SEO efforts.

We, an Australian SEO company offer internet marketing solutions to the businesses that want to create a promising digital presence. However, here we only focus on landing pages, and have put together a few ways to use keywords in your landing page. Take a look.

  1. Use synonyms words  

The Google algorithm takes into consideration different keywords which mean the same while deciding if your page is relevant to a search term. For example, if you want to promote that your products are ‘cheap’, then you can use ‘affordable’ as a synonym to hit the keyword a few more time without repeating it. You can use the same technique in your meta tags for reinforcing the subject of the landing page. Uses of synonyms and different phrases in the landing page could help to boost your SERP rankings.

  1. Cover different keywords in one go

If you have a lot of similar keywords or key phrases, then in place of using each one a few times, combine them and use them in a sentence. This technique will save your time that you will otherwise spend for writing several landing pages for every single phrase which you want to target. You can even use four or five words on a long page when they are related. So, combine the synonyms keywords in one go and use them in the landing page.

So, keep this in mind while using keywords in your landing page. And for further assistance on Sydney SEO services, you can resort to us, at the Get Website Traffic.

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