3 Interesting SEO Trends That Will Leave its Mark in 2018


Owing to more than 200 factors in Google’s algorithm, SEO is becoming a complicated science nowadays. As the search engines try to enhance the quality of the search results, there are some ranking conditions that undergoes a shifting, there are others which fall into oblivion, and there are also quite a few, which arise out of nowhere.

So, in order to get ahead in the game, you must hire the right Australian SEO company. We, at Get Website Traffic, offer you a wide range of solutions that will take your brand to a new level altogether. Here, we have put together a few SEO trends that will leave its mark in 2018. Take a look.

  1. The New-Age SERP Features

If you have the misconception that in order to get the maximum traffic, all you need is the #1 organic ranking, then you must give it a second thought. The SERP features including the featured snippets, knowledge panels, or the locals packs etc are all grabbing the attention of the users and  getting the clicks from the organic listings.

  1. Growing Momentum of the Voice Searches

The ratio of the voice search is gaining more momentum than the type search. And therefore, it demands a whole new keyword research method that uses more normal, conversational sentences.

  1. Structured Data

Structured data in terms of HTML formatting uses a specific sort of vocabulary which further guide the search engines regarding how to interpret the content and how can it be displayed in the SERPs. Strucutral data enables various ways of search listing improvements such as the knowledge graph panels or the rich snippets. With diverse search results, you should also start doing things that make you stand out.

So, quickly try these now with the help of an SEO expert near you. And if you are interested in hiring us, quickly contact us now.

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