5 Unprecedented Advantages of Using TikTok Ads for Your Business

TikTok ads

An app for iOS and Android, TikTok can be best described as a micro-video platform complete with art, entertainment, creativity, challenges, goofiness, parodies, and much more, as well as supplemented with visual effects and soundtracks.

The hottest social media platform TikTok may seem like nothing but a lip-synching video app for teens, but it is much more than that. With millions of active users worldwide, it has truly shaken up the marketing world with its unparalleled vivacity.

TikTok launched a beta version of its ads offering in early 2019. Since then, marketing giants like Nike, Fenty Beauty, Grubhub, and Apply Music have used TikTok used for promoting products in inimitable and visually compelling campaigns.

With 15-seconds videos coupled with unique ad creation features and built-in filters, the TikTok Ads platform is much more enticing than its predecessors. And when used considerately, it can help you tap into one of the most lucrative pools of users.

But before you invest your time, energy and effort into TikTok advertising, it is worth considering its various benefits.

Before we start discussing the advantages of TikTok advertising, take a look at the four different types of ads that it includes:

  • Infeed native content

Similar to Instagram and Snapchat story ads, it supports several features like website clicks or app downloads

  • Hashtag challenges

Instead of making a hashtag challenge to go viral on your own, you can search and use promoted hashtags to get more engagement.

  • Brand takeovers

By creating images, videos, GIFs with embedded links to landing pages or hashtag challenges. It lets businesses take over for TikTok for the day.

  • Branded lenses

These lenses are like the Snapchat 2D and 3D lenses for faces, as well as photos.

And here are the benefits –

  1. A wide audience base

TikTok has gained immense possibility within a short period and it is one of the most downloaded apps till now. With more than 500 million active users worldwide, it offers the opportunity for businesses to reach a mass audience easily but effectively. But most of the audiences of TikTok belong to Gen Z (between the ages of 16 and 24) or millennials. So, if younger people are the target audience of your business, then TikTok ads will be a worthwhile investment for you. However, you should keep this in mind that first, younger audiences adopt social networks and then, make their mark on older demographics. So, it would be worthwhile for you to learn more about the platform to stay ahead of the crowd, even if TikTok is not the right platform for endorsing your business at this stage.

  1. Great user engagement

Owing to the delivery algorithms of TikTok, it is straightforward for businesses to get higher engagement on their videos with less effort. Even if your account is new and if you have zero followers, your TikTok videos can go viral and reach a maximum number of people within the shortest time that is hardly possible with other social media platforms. More than 90% of TikTok users use the app multiple times a day, which makes the engagement even greater. By promoting your business on TikTok, you can be benefited from the advantage.

  1. Localisation by local creators

It is another great advantage of TikTok. Here, you can find many creators come from specific locations and even small cities who create videos and have over 10,000 followers. Known as micro-influencers on TikTok, they are very popular among their localities and known by their followers. Though TikTok is an international app that works in over 140 countries, businesses that operate in diverse geographical locations can easily create localised marketing campaigns in different languages with these creators and promote it. Besides, small to medium-sized businesses who want to run marketing campaigns for specific locations can collaborate with such local creators and endorse their businesses.

  1. Use as own branded promotional channel

Much like YouTube, a business can build its own branded marketing channel on TikTok. All that you have to do is to ask TilTok to verify it. And then, you can use it for crafting useful branded videos. However, you should ensure that your content is qualitative. Create short marketing videos and publish these to promote your brand by using TikTok partnership.

  1. Early advantage

As TikTok has recently launched its own advertising platform TikTok ads, nowadays, businesses can promote on their app like other social media applications. And as TikTok Ads are new, only a small number of businesses are using it, and so, you have less crowd and competition here. Besides, it allows you to get more reach and engagement in your ads. So, TikTok advertising is one of the ideal platforms for any new product launch.

So, do TikTok Ads make a little more sense to your business now? Start TikToking today!

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