Top 2 SEO Ranking Factors That Make Difference in 2019

Wondering why your website is not getting higher ranks on the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs)? Are you worried why you are not getting enough traffic as well as conversions? Part of the reasons for this scenario is that you are still using outdated SEO techniques that no longer matter nowadays.

SEO Factors 2019

So, to be ahead of the competition, you have to keep yourself up to date with the latest SEO techniques and use them wisely. You can hire a reputable Australian SEO company, like us, at the Get Website Traffic, to arrange an SEO campaign. Here we have put together a few SEO trends that will leave its mark in 2019. Take a look.

  1. Mobile friendliness

Recently, Google has released an update on the mobile-first index that will help to rank websites depending on ranking signals from the mobile version of the site. But in case your site does not have the mobile version, Google’s ranking algorithms will fall back to the desktop version of the site. Mobile content is used for showing listing to both mobile and desktop users. So, to increase your chances of ranking well on search pages, you have to keep your website mobile-friendly in 2019.

  1. User experience

Another thing that can affect the ranking factor in 2019 is the user experience. A vital part of user experience is linked to the usability and performance of your website. And it means that good user experience will boost the chances of user engagement with your site. Moreover, it will also encourage sharing, return visits, and sales. Therefore, you should focus on improving user experience to enhance rankings.

So, keep these in mind when arranging an SEO campaign. And to get Sydney SEO services from us, contact us now.

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