Here are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Can I send traffic to screw up my competitors?

There wouldn’t be much point in doing this as you would only give the competitor higher Alexa rankings which would benefit them rather than “screw them up”. Now if your competitor was doing something illegal, they would probably stop doing that if they suddenly had traffic from!

How long will a campaign take to send all the purchased traffic to my website?

The time taken depends on how many visitors you order and how many proxies are available at the time we run your campaign. We cannot give any guarantees on how long a campaign will take. If you order 10,000 visitors and we have plenty of proxies, running at 30 threads a minute, you would have all your visitors sent within 48 hours. For larger projects we tend to lower the thread limit, 3,000,000 visitors could take anything between 2 weeks and 2 months. We monitor the sent traffic and adjust it to last longer. The longer your campaign lasts, the higher your chance of success as it looks more natural to have visitors over time than in one go.

Can I use this for adult websites and adult traffic?

Yes! You can use our service for any type of website. We are not sending real visitors to your website, this is all software generated traffic through proxies. You can have an adult site and lots of visitors from other adult sites. We accept any website in any niche and send traffic from any other website in any niche. Just make sure you add the websites you want to receive traffic from in the “Additional Information” box on checkout.

Do I get a report at the end of my campaign?

No we do not provide any reports for the traffic sent as our system produces a huge log of events which can be a file the size of 5 to 10GB per campaign and it shows both failed and successful visitors, proxy address, timestamp, source URL to destination URL. We only charge you for successful visitors. You must monitor your campaigns through Google Analytics or similar.

Can I get a refund if I’m not happy with the results?

No we do not offer any refunds as this is an online service. We recommend that you take out a smaller plan to test our system before diving into a larger traffic plan. Once your service has started, it is already using our resources and the resources we use are expensive high end servers dedicating a large sum of total resources to your campaign. If we were to offer refunds, we would simply go out of business. We can, however, offer you a free trial of 500 visitors so you can test the system but you will not benefit from this small amount of traffic. If you wish to test our system for free, contact us with your requirements.

Is this traffic Adsense friendly?

This is bot generated traffic, you will not receive any clicks on Adsense, affiliates or sales from the traffic sent to your website. We cannot say if this is Adsense friendly or not. If you have Adsense on your website, you should read up on Adsense terms. We send fake traffic to your website, we cannot help you increase sales or clicks on ads or affiliate links. We also do not take any responsibility if our traffic has any negative effects on your website or business. We would, however, recommend you use our service for new websites that do not contain any third part publishers, advertisers or PPI services embedded on your web pages.

Can I use more than 1 website per campaign?

Yes you can use as many website websites as you wish per campaign. We cannot guarantee how the traffic will be shared out amongst each website but you can add as many as you wish per campaign.

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